All About Types of Construction


The definition of construction is an activity of building facilities and infrastructure. In the field of architecture, a design is also known as a building in an area. In summary, construction is defined as the object of the whole building consisting of structural parts. Building Structure Construction is the overall shape or shape of the building structure. Here are some types of construction that you need to know.

Building Construction

Building construction takes place in all cities. Starting from the construction of public facilities such as institutional buildings, educational institutions, and recreation areas. Development in a building is usually planned by architects and civil engineers, while the material required is more emphasized on architectural aspects. Building construction projects are used as public facilities, such as institutional buildings, education, commercial buildings, social, and recreational areas. Types of buildings is for example are office buildings, shopping centers, apartments, hotels, flats, and schools. It is a building is usually planned by architects and civil engineers, while the material required is more emphasized on architectural aspects.


Engineering construction is a involving structures that are planned and specifically designed and made to meet the needs of the community related to infrastructure. For example heavy building. It are a country’s utility projects such as dams, pipelines and transportation lines. It is usually funded by the government or cooperation between the government and the private sector.


Included in this industrial construction are usually industrial projects that require specific specifications and requirements such as for oil refineries, heavy industry and the nuclear industry. Planning and implementation requires precision and expertise, as well as specific technology. There are four stages of a it project. Starting from the planning stage, the design stage, the procurement or auction stage and the implementation stage.

In the planning stage, the outline of the project plan is carried out, including recruiting consultants. What is done at this stage? Among them are briefings, project feasibility studies, design selection, budgeting programs to financing.

This type of building usually involves high-level engineering projects in the manufacturing and production processes. In some cases, contractors and architects are in one company to design and carry out factory building for the owner.

Road Construction

This road construction is a project that includes excavation, pengurugan, pavement, bridge building and drainage structures. It is usually planned by the local public works department and differs from building in terms of activities between owners, planners and contractors. In contrast to building projects where there are many private parties as owners.