The Importance of Proof Pressure Testing

Although the average person may not think about it, almost everything you come across has been proof pressure tested. Anything that can hold pressurized liquid or gas has gone through a pressure test for your safety.

What Is It

You may be wondering, what is proof pressure testing? Proof pressure testing is when companies test to see if an item leaks when there is an increase in pressure. A good example of this is an oxygen tank used in deep sea dives. When you dive, the pressure around you increases and could cause your oxygen tank to burst. In order to test your oxygen tank, you can submit it to a proof pressure test, such as a leak test. For this test, your tank would be immersed in a liquid while simultaneously injecting it with a separate gas or liquid. Then, the pressure will be increased until either the tank fails or it reaches the amount of pressure you require. If your item passes the test, it is ready to go and can be used without any fear of bursting under pressure.

Why Is It Important

Testing the pressure of items can be the meaning between life and death. Continuing with example above, if you are diving and your oxygen tank bursts due to the surrounding pressure, you will be left deep in the ocean with no air supply. In this example, it is unlikely you will make it to the surface before you run out of oxygen. However, above the water, the main issue with an untested item is that it is more likely to burst. Depending on the size and amount of substance in the item, this could either be a small or massive problem.

Pressure testing helps keep everyone safe and is something that can be done as often as necessary.